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Alumni, Career, Annual Giving and Parent and Family

Alumni, Career, Annual Giving and Parent and Family is comprised of six units that contribute to strategic pipeline efforts that lead to engagement and participation with the university’s seven undergraduate colleges, five academic divisions, and health sciences, as well as five graduate and professional schools.


Cheryl Harrelson
Associate Vice Chancellor | (858) 246-2948

Natalee Ellars
Senior Executive Director, Alumni | (858) 246-2044

Turea Erwin
Executive Director, Annual Giving | (858) 534-4441

Kris Hergert
Executive Director, Career Center | (858) 822-1923

Tom S. Tseng
Senior Executive Director, Campus Initiatives/International | (858) 822-3955

Jodi Wiseley
Executive Director, Parent and Family Programs and Operations | (858) 246-5694


Alumni works to build engagement between the university, current students and alumni as well as offer opportunities for alumni to give back to the university through a multitude of volunteer and philanthropic experiences.

Alumni website

Contact: | (858) 534-3900

Alumni Events

Alumni Events builds lasting relationships with alumni by facilitating engagement and stewardship events that demonstrate alumni’s impact on our campus, our community and our world.

Jennie Van Meter | (858) 246-0234

Alumni Magazine

Alumni Magazine produces the Triton magazine which is distributed to all alumni electronically three times annually. The magazine provides a way for alumni to stay informed about what is happening here at UC San Diego, as well as what our alumni are accomplishing out in the world.

Triton magazine website

Jarrett Haley | (858) 534-5630

Annual Giving and Pipeline Development

Annual Giving and Pipeline Development establishes and nurtures relationships to strengthen donors’ commitment to philanthropic investment in UC San Diego. By identifying, recruiting and retaining donors in annual giving and affinity programs, the team supports vital programs and services on campus, at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and at UC San Diego Health.

Turea Erwin | (858) 534-4441

Campus Initiatives and International Giving

Campus Initiatives focuses on providing donors with opportunities to support areas that directly impact student support and success and support such as Chancellor’s Associates; health and wellness; the Library; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and many others.

International Giving works directly with international parents, students and alumni to establish and nurture relationships that strengthen their commitment to philanthropic investment in UC San Diego.

Tom S. Tseng | (858) 822-3955

Career Services

Career Services provides career building services to both current students and alumni through career advising, events and instructional materials and workshops.

Career Center website

Contact: | (858) 534-3751

Central Operations

Central Operations provides operational support for all four units including data and business intelligence, systems analysis and logistical and administrative support.

Avery J. Redlitz

Parent and Family Programs

Jodi Wiseley | (858) 246-5694