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Advancement Operations and Campaign

Advancement Operations and Campaign is made up of nine teams who contribute expertise in fundraising, donor engagement, prospect research and management, data and business intelligence, and communications to support UC San Diego’s fundraising goals.


Elizabeth Powell
Associate Vice Chancellor, Advancement Operations and Campaign | (858) 822-5507

Christy Bliss
Executive Director, Donor Experience and Engagement, Advancement Signature Events | (858) 822-6604

Daric Brummett
Executive Director, Prospect Management/Research, Business Intelligence, Advancement Systems and Data | (858) 534-7904

Jennifer Martin
Executive Director, Foundation Relations | (858) 337-0960

Anne O’Donnell
Senior Executive Director, Corporate Relations | (858) 229-5963

Allison Schneider
Deputy Director, Operations and Training, Advancement and Campaign Communications | (858) 246-1614

Advancement and Campaign Communications

Advancement and Campaign Communications provides creative support for all areas of Advancement, including writing and editing services, design expertise, strategic consulting and project management to maintain stylistic consistency with campaign branding and ensure the success of our fundraising communications.

Jason Horger | (858) 534-1901

Advancement Systems and Data

The Advancement Systems and Data team manages ESP, our constituent management system, to ensure information is accurate; collaborates with teams across campus to integrate data with student and payroll systems across campus; and configures ESP.

Joel Bingham | (858) 822-6613

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence processes data requests including ad hoc lists and reporting, maintains refreshable reporting, provides prospect modeling to identify the best potential donors, and conducts analysis that improves workflow and serves the unique needs of colleagues across Advancement.

Lee Thomsen | (858) 822-5216

Corporate Relations

Our collaborations across the region, across the country, and around the world drive new ideas. UC San Diego’s Corporate Relations team helps businesses cultivate meaningful relationships with our faculty and researchers to drive access to top talent for hire, innovations to solve problems, engaging employees, and garner visibility on our campus.

Corporate Relations website

Contact: | (858) 822-2263

Donor Experience and Engagement

Donor Experience and Engagement builds lasting relationships with donors. We coordinate with campus leadership and fundraising units to facilitate stewardship efforts — from events to reports to giving societies — that demonstrate philanthropy’s impact on our campus, our community and our world.

Christy Bliss | (858) 822-6604

Foundation Relations

UC San Diego’s Foundation Relations team builds partnerships with foundations that transform new ideas and innovative projects into long-term solutions. We work with Advancement colleagues and foundation leadership in dynamic ways to benefit our university and our world.

Foundation Relations website

Jen Martin | (858) 822-2626

Gift Planning

The Office of Gift Planning includes experts who can help cement our donors’ legacy of nontradition. Whether it’s a gift of real estate or a living will, planned gifts spark groundbreaking research and empower the next generation of changemakers.

Gift Planning website

Contact: | (858) 534-2249

Operations and Advancement Training

Advancement Operations and Training ensures that our skilled Advancement team has the tools they need to build relationships and engage our community. We offer training, manage organizational procedures, and work with professionals across Advancement to implement efficient processes.

Caelie Ericksen-Stark | (858) 246-3131

Prospect Management and Research

The Prospect Management and Research team provides accurate constituent biographies and documents efforts to engage potential donors. The research arm assembles relevant information into accessible formats, while the management arm tracks prospect plans and interactions and conducts portfolio optimization.

Andillon Hackney | (858) 822-1300